Accommodation in The Netherlands is usually quite expensive, but that doesn’t mean there are no inexpensive alternatives. Booking early, staying outside the city center and sharing rooms with other Smashers (or strangers, if you’re the hosteling type!) can drastically reduce the costs of hotels, hostels and Airbnb rooms. In general you will want to stay in the area of Utrecht or - if you plan on staying in The Netherlands a little longer - the Amsterdam region.


Hostels provide a less expensive alternative to regular hotels, especially when staying in a dorm. We have had good experiences with hostels of the StayOkay hostel chain, but if no more rooms are available or you want do some more research, sites like HostelWorld and can provide information about other hostels in the region as well.

StayOkay Utrecht (center)

This hostel from the well known StayOkay hostel chain opened last year and provides both dorms and private rooms. You can walk from the hostel to the venue in about fifteen minutes. Like last year, you can get a 10% discount by using the coupon code “GoodGames10”. The discount is effective immediately for any night from September 1st until and including the 30th of September. You will be automatically put in the same room if you book together. If you don’t know anyone, but would like to room with other Smashers, you can mention this under “remarks” and the hostel staff will see what they can do. Note that rooms and beds are not in unlimited supply and will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. You are advised not to stall if you wish to get in on this.

StayOkay Amsterdam Zeeburg

StayOkay also has several hostels in Amsterdam, Zeeburg being the largest. Utrecht central station can be reached from this hostel in about thirty minutes by train. StayOkay also has two hostels in Amsterdam that are located closer to the city center.


The NH Utrecht Hotel is located next to the venue and provides double and triple rooms for about 90 and 110 euros per night respectively (at the time of writing). Many other hotels in the same price range can be found in Utrecht and Amsterdam, please refer to a hotel room booking website like for the most up to date prices and availability. Some suggestions:


As can be expected of a large city, Utrecht has a variety of rooms available on Airbnb . You can find some pretty good deals here if you are traveling with a group. In general the venue will be easy to reach from almost any location in Utrecht by bus or tram, but please use a site like 9292 or Google Maps to confirm this before booking a room.


Of course the good old traditional player housing is always an option. This is probably your cheapest option and Dutch Smashers have traditionally been very welcoming of foreign players, but with a tournament the size of Syndicate 2017 the demand for player housing will most likely be higher than the supply. If you are interested in this option your best bet is to ask for housing on the Syndicate 2017 Facebook event page or in the Dutch Facebook group. Please mention how many people you will be traveling with and how long you would like to stay. We also aim to set up a housing thread for those who haven’t found housing yet as the tournament gets closer.